Monday, October 13, 2008

Vote Science

Tomorrow is the election already, and I wished I had got this link up earlier. I think it goes a long way to explaining why I don't want a conservative majority and have been working my ass off out in the real world trying to make sure they don't get one. The crazy religious nutcases that are running the conservative party have been quietly undermining science in Canada and they can't be allowed free reign to continue this nonsense. Please read this article about what Canadian scientists think. Vote wisely. Vote Science. Vote.


Lee said...

Gets my vote... if I had one

Laurie said...

Good luck tomorrow, Sharon - I hope the visigoths don't get in. Surely the good folk of Canada will realise that right=bad and left=bearable?

Sharon said...

Laurie -

Would that we had more voters like you and Lee, especially in Alberta.

At one point during the last few weeks it looked very much like we were headed for a right-wing majority, but by the polls it appears to be trending away from that again. *whew*

We may be stuck with a cretin as PM again, but as long as he has no majority, we may yet refrain from becoming as backward as our neighbours.

Rune said...

Hi Sharon,

Did science win or are you stocking up with tins of beans and hiding in the shed?

Sharon said...

Rune -

Science has lost, but not in the blood-gushing way it could have if Steven Harper had won a majority in the House. It will be a slow-dripping bleed instead, much like the most recent 2 years.

After 400 million dollars spent, the election was just an expensive reminder to Harper that Canada wants him to continue to work with the other parties and doesn't trust him to run the country completely on his own. He gained a whopping 2% in the popular vote since the last election. Good job there, Steve.

I was going to do a post on this, but I may not have time before I leave for JOE. Basically, the election has worked in the Liberals' favour to some extent. We may have this minority government for another 2 years, and that gives us time to find a leader that the whole country feels good about.

I wonder if Obama could be convinced to run here as a Liberal. ;)

Apathy Personified said...

I was sorry to hear about the result (from my limited exposure to Harper, I really don't like him) - But you are right Sharon, at least he didn't get a majority.

At least you don't have Gordon Brown as your PM though......

Rune said...

Or any other British politician.

Actually I'm warming to America now that they have introduced Socialism. But then, it's only for the rich, the poor still have to put up with free market capitalism.

Jonathan said...

Come on Sharon, your blog's too interesting to stay quiet!

-Starts a protest group-

*What do we want?
*A new post!
*When do we want it?


Lee said...

-joins protest group

*Only if you have the time :)

Mark_W said...


-Joins protest group - but *"only if you have the time." :-)

That's brilliant. I second your exceedingly polite motion, Sir!


Sharon said...

Jonathan, Lee, and Mark:

Thank you for your interest in our product. ;)

Man, I have been sO busy since I was on holiday. I cannot seem to get caught up. I blame work. I have not been able to slack off as much there lately and I'm falling seriously behind on my slacking off. What is this world coming to? :)

Jonathan said...


You've just got to put more effort into slacking, never mind.