Monday, October 13, 2008

Vote Science

Tomorrow is the election already, and I wished I had got this link up earlier. I think it goes a long way to explaining why I don't want a conservative majority and have been working my ass off out in the real world trying to make sure they don't get one. The crazy religious nutcases that are running the conservative party have been quietly undermining science in Canada and they can't be allowed free reign to continue this nonsense. Please read this article about what Canadian scientists think. Vote wisely. Vote Science. Vote.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blog, what blog?

Do I have a blog? I know it doesn't seem like it. But it's a crazy busy time right now. Less than one week until the Federal Election. I am afraid it's starting to look like we will have a conservative majority and that worries me far more than the economy ever could.

I am also preparing to take a trip to London. I am beside myself with excitement and can really think of little else. It's like I'm 12 years old again getting ready to take my first trip to Disneyland.
I will post some pictures when I get back and maybe have a few stories to tell and all.